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Yoga - Group classes

All classes contain postures,

breath work and focussed awareness.

The focus will be alignment of the whole body while holding poses which support the spine and bring about the awareness of breath with movement. Building strength, mobility and endurance all while creating a sense of calm.

Movement Fusion

A mindful exploration of movement. This class caters to all those who are looking for an alternative approach to classic exercise and instead learn to move with intention and fluidity. Moving the body in a holistic and playful way, incorporaing elements of Flow, Martial Arts and Yoga. 


Open for collaborations on workshops, courses or retreats.


Workshop topics vary throughout the year. Movement Flows, Yoga, Hand-balancing and Inversions are a few of the offerings. Refer to the Booking Page and Insights for concrete information on past and upcoming workshops.

1 - 1 Yoga Tuition

1-1  Yoga and Movement coaching tuition is tailored to the individual and their needs.

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